Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's in your WoTLK!?!?

With the WoTLK winding and down, and a lot of the level 80’s are gearing up for the new expansion as best they can. The game is beginning to get that Christmas Eve atmosphere feel to it. Looking at trade chat you see a lot of debate going on about cataclysm, in the random musings of when it’s going to be released and the mechanics of the game. What classes will be good and which classes are being whacked with a giant nerf bat. Today’s post came at the suggestion of member at this forum I visit. I’m going to explore how good and bad the Wrath of the Lich Kings has been to me and my toons. I was so stoked when I first saw the teaser trailer for the Lich King. I couldn’t wait to get out in the world and level my hunter. For the first time I was already a high level when the expansion came out. I started playing about a year and a half before TBC came out so I was playing catch up because I level my toons really slow. On the day of release after I got off work I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought my copy; came straight home and installed it. I remember that once it was patched and ready to go, The boats we full of level 70’s heading over to Northrend to start waging war against the Lich King and his armies, the attitude was just ecstatic. People were hooting and hollering and calling out the Lich King how they were going to personally beat him down.

As time progressed and I got my hunter to level 80 I was ready to take Naxx down, but couldn’t because I didn’t know anyone that was a raider. Basically being stuck in limbo until I finally met some people and we were geared up enough to start raiding in naxx. In that amount of down time I learned more about my hunter than I ever had before. I finally understood what to look for in gear, and what I wanted to gem into. I had truly learned two play my toon. I also learned the big lesson of how expensive running raids can really be. I was in a guild with my two brothers and some other friends and we could not get past Anub’ReKahn in naxx. For 4 weeks straight we ran into naxx as a group of in experienced raiders without a clue and for 4 weeks straight Anub would spit us back out into the graveyard and we would run back in and do that dance all over again, for hours we would get a virtual beat down from a bad ass bug that needed a serious attitude adjustment. The night we finally downed him the Vent server sounded like mission control at NASA when they got through that hairy situation and got the pilots home safe. As the saying goes though all good things must come to an end, and they did. Overtime they all went to different guilds because they wanted to do the bigger raids and get better gear. With this happening I got on my stubborn streak and stayed in my guild and basically quit raiding, and started power leveling my paladin.

My paladin’s soul purpose in his life was to torture the horde. I power leveled him as fast as I could just so I could take him into the battle grounds, and into the arena. I got lucky with the fact that my oldest brother was leveling a paladin as well. So when we both hit level 80 we went into the battleground and ran out of the gate like a bat out of hell right into the blades of another paladin and a warrior that knew their toons a lot better than we knew ours. Within a few seconds we found ourselves in the graveyard in Warsong Gulch waiting for the rez. Luckily as time went on my paladin got better gear and weapons and I managed to get my resilience up around 1000 and my brother’s resilience was around 800. Thinking we were ten feet tall and bullet proof we started a 2v2 arena team and went into the arena. Thinking we were going to totally pwn the knobs on the other side we charged out of the gates hell bent for election right into a very good death knight and very talented rogue. Still to this day I don’t think that time can measured at how fast that match ended. My brother and I had to rethink our strategy in the arena. The best part is we still don’t have a good strategy and still suck at the arena. After all as long as you have fun that’s all the matters right?

With my paladin I figured out that I hate frost mages. I have affectionately dubbed the spec the 30 dollar spec. I was in Arathi Basin one day; I was going to town on some horde, I was killing them and they were killing me right back. It was a battle of epic proportions. Then I ran into my frost mage. This mage was good, he would freeze, and bounce, freeze, blink, bounce, bounce, and I would be dead. I was getting pissed at this paper tank that was just beating me down relentlessly. I play with a wireless mouse, the last time I ever faced this mage, my mouse got stuck on stupid and wouldn’t register any of my inputs, and no the batteries weren’t dead. He did his stupid little bounce, blink and freeze thing, I was trying desperately to get him and just couldn’t. I was ticked off at him and I was ticked off at my mouse. So I did what any other bull in a china closet would do I slammed my mouse on my desk and let out a string of words that would get my mouth washed with soap. Did you know that when a wireless mouse goes from mach 1 to a full stop on the top of a computer desk in less then a second that it will explode? My mouse exploded, the sides of it blew shot landed on the floor, the buttons went to where the sides used to be, and it was horrible I tell you. Needless to say I got to go to Wal-Mart and get me a new mouse and my PvP was over for the day. On a side note I have to admit that I still haven’t lived that one down either, I still catch flak for that one from the friend I was PvP’ing with that day.

Wrapping this up; I can honestly say that I’ve had a blast in WoTLK. I’m just now starting to learn the auction house, and plan on carrying it on into cataclysm. I’ve gotten to know my hunter far better than I ever thought possible. My paladin has issues with mages still. I’ve learned a lot about him but still have a good ways to go with him to get him where I truly want him to be. I’ve made some real nice friends and we all have some great times to sit and talk about when we are bored and feel like talking. It’s hard to believe sometimes that a game can produce such great memories, but it can and it has. I can say that it has been a great ride in this expansion. Touching just the tip of the ice berg on my memories here, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see what cataclysm holds in store and what type of memories I will be left with when the expansion after cataclysm comes out. Reflect on your time in Northrend, and sharpen your grinding skills for the fight back in Azeroth, and if you’d like I’d like to hear what’s in your WoTLK!

See you in Azeroth!



  1. Ahhhhhh I have slammed my mouse on the desk with many an angry word...but not TOO hard because I paid too much for it, hehe. But gosh, you must have really given it a good smash!

  2. I gave it a pretty good smack that day, I normally will give it a small thunk and be done with it. That day with the mage and the mouse screwing up was just a bad day for the mouse.

  3. Hahaha, I've broken a keyboard. Slammed it so hard into the desk that most of the keys dislodged and the casing cracked. I can't handle PvP very often. I get so angry because I used to be very good at it and then I got rusty and started playing boomchicken. I get faceraped and then /cry. My only hope is to Starfall and DoT and run into my DK friend with a Shadowmourne.

  4. Hahaha, I don't pvp much any more either. When I do I try to steer clear of frost mages that's for sure. I get faceraped as well, ever since I blew up my mouse I settled down and just do a lot of cussing now, and I take my hand off of the mouse.