Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Value of Junk

Today I’m going to write about something that I’ve seen a lot of people doing while they are out and about creating their own personal war in the world of Azeroth. As a leather worker/skinner, it’s a habit that when I see the corpse of a skinnable creature laying on the ground to check and see if I can skin it. The disturbing thing though is I see a lot of people that don’t loot their kills, most of the time because they probably contain grey items that don’t matter. While grey items don’t matter in the long run and you’re not going to one shot the lich king with that grey sword that dropped off of that welp in Icecrown. I’m going to show how a simple expedition can reap the benefits of some gold in your pockets.

To give a little in sight into how this article came about. While I was typing last night’s articleAuction House Strategies , My brother was on his hunter, which happens to be a 450 leather worker, he has some ICC patterns and he wants to build one of the patterns to sell on the auction house to make in some decent gold for his bank toon. With that being said  he set out into Northrend to collect the mats he needed so that he wouldn’t have to pay the ridiculous prices that someone was charging on the auction house. While he was out in the world he made the comment to me “I wonder how many people don’t know the value of their junk”? Low and behold a light bulb came on and that’s when the idea for this article was born. I asked him to take some screen shots of his grey items and what they sell for, and send them to me so that I could use them for today’s article.

Happily he obliged and this morning I woke up to 16 screenshots and a typed up list telling me what he sold and what he made just by selling his grey items. Getting to the point for you he made 25 gold for less than an hour of play time and he made it all on grey items that he picked up before skinning his kills. That gold was after he repaired and everything else; and it doesn’t include the items that he got that he can sell on his bank toon. The number one lesson here is that “a mobs junk can be your treasure” you just have to take the time to loot those mobs you kill. I’m going to show a progression of pictures throughout this article that he sent me to show how these grey items can lead to gold. The way I think of it is that if you don’t have or know an alchemist but you’re a raider, with 25 gold you could probably but flask for that raid your signed up to go on.  
Looking at the picture above of the single acid drenched fang, it shows that one fang is worth 24 silver 75 copper. If you got five of them you have got one gold for free just by running into a vendors store and selling it.  He ended up selling 9 fangs for 2 gold 22 silver and some copper. I used that simple example to show you that while you’re out and about doing your thing that those grey items you pick up can pay off for you. Below I’m also going to include the list that he sent me to show you what all he sold and what he made in his adventure into Northrend. For all of those that are saying that sucks to run into a shop and click every one of those items to sell it to a vendor. There is an add on called I believe “crap away” that with the click of a  single button all the grey items in your bags will be gone and you run out to your next adventure with a little more gold then you started with. I hope you enjoyed this article and will show your friends and guild mates how easy it can be to make some extra gold. As always please ask any questions you may have. Please encourage your friends and guild mates to come visit and please come back for some more reading.

My Brothers List of Goods

starting gold amount
673g 96s 73c

Amount after selling junk
698g 55s 30c

Amount earned from selling junk
25g 55s 30c

73 - Frosted Claws
47 - Icy Spinnerets
9 - Acid Drenched Fangs
10 - Icicle Fangs
3 - fur Cloth Scraps
1 - Thick Fur Clothing Scrap
24 Drakkari Offerings
1 - Frost-Rimmed Cloth Gloves
1 - Frost-Worn Chestpiece
1 - Frost Rimmed Cloth Vest
1 - Frigid Mail Boot

Happy Hunting!



  1. For his sake I hope he uses an addon like AutoProfit! I think most people skip junk because it's such a pain to find it ion your bags and vendor it, without accidentally vendoring some epics ^^ AutoProfit automatically sells all the gray items in your bags! Awesome.

  2. Thank you Zinn for the comment. He actually didn't use one on that adventure, but he does use one now to make it easier so that those epic don't up getting into the hands of a vendor.

  3. Ooooooh yes! I love gray vendor trash!

    Even when doing lowbie instances, if it's a new toon on a server, then vendoring all the weapons and armor (gray of course) that you get will net you a nice chunk =) I remember doing that...and still do at 80!

  4. I do the same thing with my level 80's. If I run a newbie instance I'll still sell all the stuff I get. And if I'm on a lowbie I'll sell the grey's to get that nice chunk of change for his leveling needs.