Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Spammers have Evolved!

Be on the look out for a new type of spammer. That’s right they have moved from just selling gold and power leveling your toon, now they are selling in game items. If you take a look at the picture I posted. You can now buy primordial saronite in a stack of 10 for only $16.99, and if you’re not in the market for primordial saronite, how about buying a mecko-hog, that’s right a mecko-hog for only $50.00. We’ll even take this one step farther, PoS not cooperating with you in your attempts of obtaining the Battered Hilt, no worries they can get it for you for only $50.00 of your hard earned money. Of course they are still selling gold for only $33.99 you can get 10,000 gold.

I had been seeing these in trade chat and to be honest just haven’t paid attention to them until this morning when I was checking my auctions. I assume that there are people out there that are willing spend their money on these items because they must have an abundance of it, or they are just to lazy to get out there and get the items they need to get what they want. Personally I would rather put the work in and get it honestly. I often wondered if these people selling these items; are selling them from accounts they have hacked. If that’s the case then shame on them and shame on the people who support them. I’ve seen the after math of a hacked account, my brother’s account was hacked they raped his toons, and his guild’s bank. They took everything off of his toon and left him with 1 copper. As if in an act of generosity so he couldn’t say they took everything he’d been working on in the six years of playing WoW.

For the most part I love WoW. I’ve been playing it for quite some time now. When I play I try not to talk about real life issues because I play this to get away from real life issues. If  I’ve had a bad day at work I like coming home and going into the battle grounds and beating on toons from the other factions. I like spending my free time in the auction house earning gold for my toons, and I like going into raids when I can. I hate gold beggars, I hate the immaturity you see in the game, I hate people that camp the grave yards in the BG’s and I despise those that spam trade chat selling stuff.  I understand this is a game and that we have a full array of people that come on here 24 hours a day. I don’t judge the people that spend their real money on these things, but they are violating the EULA and they are also messing up the in game economy. Well that’s my two cents on this subject, for those of us that hate seeing this stuff it looks like we have a new form of annoyance in the making, and a new form of entertainment by reporting the spam.

Revdun out

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