Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Gnomeregan and Operation Echo Isle has begun!!!

The Fight are the beginning entrance of Gnomeregan.  .
It has begun! Ruck up all of you half-pint ankle shanker supporters. Our call to arms has been sent and received by all. Operation Gnomeregan has kicked off.  Your objective brings Gnomeregan back into the hands of its rightful owners. Led by High Tinker Mekkatorque you’re charged with supporting the beginning of the assault on Gnomeregan. It gives decent gold at level 80 ranging; anywhere from 6 gold 63 silver and up to 13 gold 23 silver throughout the quest chain. It starts reporting to High Tinker Mekkatorque in Tinkertown in Ironforge. Your first quest has you recruit 5 brave souls to help support the cause. This is easily done in Tinkertown by selecting a gnome citizen and using the motivate-a-tron to recruit the citizen after doing this 5 times you run them over to Steelgrill depot and hand them over to the Gnomish army.  I should note that when running your little ankle biters to Steelgrill that you can use your mount, and they will appear on a mount behind you and follow you to steelgrill.

Once in Steelgrill it’s super easy quests. You report to Captain Tread Sparknozzle to carry on with the rest of the quests. The quests are really simple, and self explanatory. Think of it as running around to gather up gold. On one of the quests you’ll go to a drill instructor and he’ll issue some orders all you do is /salute, /roar, /cheer, and /dance the only thing here is just wait until he tells you do them because if you do them before he tells you, you won’t receive credit for it. Another quest takes you for a helicopter ride. On your ride it will take you near Gnomer where you have to throw some radiation detectors into the vents on the side of the mountains. While doing this you can press the little icon it gives next to quest helper information or you can right click the radiation detector in your bag to get the target reticle and just put the reticle over the vent as you fly by throw it in and it’s easy as that.

Lastly when you go to finish the quest chain it ends in a big battle outside as well as inside the entrance tunnels of Gnomer. After you finish the quest chain in Steelgrill you’ll get a quest to deliver a speech to Mekkatorque. Here you’ll fly in a helicopter over to the airfield. When you land here if Mekkatorque isn’t there, that means the battle is on going. If its on going you can just wait near where you landed and wait for Mekkatorque to finish up fighting and when he appears you talk to him and just turn your quest in and wait for the battle to begin. If he is there when you land you can go straight to turning your quest in and waiting for the battle to begin. It will tell you near the top of your screen how long it will be before the battle begins. Once the battle begins my suggestion is following the king from place to place until it ends. The reason I say this is if you do get separated you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting killed because there is some pretty tough elites running around near Gnomer now. After all is said and done it take you back to Ironforge where you turn in your quest and get your achievement.

I only posted the Alliance because that’s the faction I play, however, I’m trying to use my head for more than a hat rack and though of all you hordies out there. You can go here Operation Echo Isle quest chain. and read up on the quest chain for the Horde side in Echo Isle. As always thank you for reading and please do come back with your friends and guild mates and leave comments if you have anything to say. Enjoy taking Gnomeregan and Echo Isle

For Gnomer!!!!

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