Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Breakdown of Auctioneer

I wanted to post something today on the use of auctioneer. So this morning when I was checking my auctions I took screen shot of an item that I was getting ready to post. I decided that today we would break down the information screen that auctioneer provides and help you decipher the information. I feel that if you’re going to do something that you have to know what tools to have, as well as how to use them. Stepping into real life for just a second, I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade; I have a tool box full of tools. Everyone one of them has a set purpose and design to do what they are used for. If I didn’t know how to use them, they would just be a bunch of shaped pieces of metal that would never get used. I’m here to help teach you how to use your tools to repair your gold breakdown.
Ok stepping back into Azeroth now. When buying and selling in the auction house one has to be able to make an informed and accurate decision if they are in the game of buying and reselling. If you already have a good idea what items go for on your server than you should be good to go. With the new expansion on our heels though; it’s going to be hard at first to accurately price new items that be introduced into the game. That’s what brings me to this article today to help start making gold, and help decipher the information that auctioneer is going to throw at you when you look for items. Let’s take a look at the picture below, and start making you some gold so that you’ll be ready when cataclysm gets here.

Market Value
Looking at the picture the first thing I always look at is the market price. Looking at the item in the picture, Flask of Stoneblood. If I took one Flask of Stoneblood and posted it for it’s market price of 25 gold 60 silver and 65 copper. That item would be at 100% market value. This is useful in determining what kind of profit you can expect to make on an item when you buy it. If I’m cruising through the auction house tonight and some flasks up for 18 gold per flask, I can expect to make about 6 gold profit from that. The Market price is listed as an individual item, so when your looking at buying a stack of 20, providing you have auctioneer you can check the box down in the lower right hand corner marked “Show Stacks as per unit” to see what the seller has priced them at individually. On a side note make sure you uncheck if you’re first starting out. You may forget that you have it checked and see a stack of 20 titanium ore and think it’s only 7gold, when it’s actually 140 gold. Once you get some more gold you can be a little lenient with that, but I usually uncheck it as soon as I get done looking at an item.

Moving Price
Below market price the next things I look at is moving price and I look at the percentage that it list next to it. This kind of correlates with the market price, again the market price on Thunderhorn for a Flask of Stoneblood is 25 gold. If it reads that it is 26 gold for a moving price you know that it’s above 100%. However, I try my best to keep all of my auctions below 100%. So I would price my flasks 1 gold or so below the market price just as long as I make a profit. Above the moving price where it says undercut: and then says “cannot undercut” that is auctioneers way of telling you that it’s going to be a tough sale with these items because the market is already priced pretty low. If the Market is like this on an item, this could be a good time for you to just buy what you want or need, and just stick them in your bank as a stockpile for a later date when the market is back up. Above the moving price is simply auctioneer suggesting some pricing option depending on how you decide to stack them or unstuck them.

Taking the last part of the picture, I set up my auctioneer to show me the sales statistics of everything. I should add here that while these aren’t super important numbers to me, I do look at them, however, these numbers aren’t keys factors on weather or not I decide to buy something.  Using the numbers here you can see a picture of the market and how many of them are posted and sold through the auction house. It says that over 75 days that 6,264 Flasks of Stoneblood have come through the auction house. This tells you that there is a market for these items. I chose to display the 7 day, 3 day, and Average median buyout(MBO).  These is just old school math here, it simple tells you the average buyout of an item was over a 3 and 7 day period. Then in the last part of that it shows me average buyout for the current day and how many have sold on the auction house. As you see it says that 22 had been sold in the auction house for an average of 20 gold 48 silver 23 copper, then it suggests a minimum buy out of  20 gold even. I view these stats as optional, my brother decided to display the bare minimum on auctioneer, as where I like to see more information about the goods. My honest suggestion would be to take a look at them and see how they fit with you and decide if it is something you like.

I hope that you’ve liked this explanation of one of the many features of auctioneer. I’m going to get a lot more in depth with it. I really want show you all the correct settings and everything you need to know to be successful in the auction house. It’s going to be a drawn out process because I got work and real life to deal with, but this is something that I really want do. I haven’t been able find any sources of information like this on the auction without having to pay real money and even then I’m not sure if they provide the information I’m going to be giving out. I can say that the couple of gold guides I have gotten like an idiot just turned out to be a waste of time and money. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about this article I will certain answer them and help get you to earning the gold you want to have.  See you all in Azeroth!


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