Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Closer Look at Zalarane's Fall

Spirit of the Tiger

In the name of science and for the personal need of wanting to provide accurate information for both factions Today, I got onto my Horde level 40 Warlock and did what I could of the Zalazane’s fall quest chain. For all my hordies out’s there, your call to arms has been issued, stand up and unite with your big eared blue brethren of the desert and help return echo isle into the hands of its rightful owners. The quest chain of course starts at the mail box with the delivery of a letter asking for your help in retaking Echo Isle’s. I’m sure these quests scale in pay for all you level 80’s out there just as it did for my level 80 on the Alliance side. For my level 40 I was 50 silver, and 4350 experience for completing each quest. After receiving the letters it instructs you to travel down to Sin’ Jen village; when you first get there and report in. The first quest is to capture five frogs to be turned into spies for the troll nation. It’s really easy you just ride around in Sin’Jen and right click on a frog to capture it. After turning the frogs in your given an excellent quest, you have to ride a bat and toss these little frogs out at these little smoke plums so that they can start spying. One thing I give the horde is that they have some excellent quests.

After doing some toad tossing, and you get back Sin’Jen to turn that in. You’re turned into a tiger spirit thing that looks a lot like the bad guy from the movie Kung Fu Panda. You then run across the pond to echo isle. I’m glad that blizzard had enough sense to make it to where you ran across the water instead of swimming over. Once in echo isle you have to lay the smack down on a Tiger Matriarch, it’s an elite beast but to be honest I didn’t even look at the level. You don’t kill the tiger all way, you just beat it down until changes into a troll druid and tell you what it’s all about. After that you have to swim back and turn in the quest. Your next quest is to do dance with the spirits. Someone else was on this quest when I did it, so I’m not if just standing there gives you credit for it or if you have to /dance with the big spirit in the middle. Either way it’s at this point where as a level 74 or below that your quest chain ends, level 75 and up go on and finish with big battle. I wish I had a horde level 80 that I could finish this quest and give better information that what I have given

Overall this quest chain isn’t bad, it’s easy just as Operation:Gnomeregan was. I’m almost willing to bet my brothers left leg that this quest probably leads to a big battle like Gnomeregan does. How many more quests lead to it after the unfortunately I’m not sure of. I have to say though that change is in the air in the world of Azeroth. Earthquakes are becoming more frequent and before long we’ll be flying into our capitals on our own mounts and I can’t wait. I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave comments and contact me if you have any questions, also bring your friends and guild mates to Warcraft Action.

For The Horde!!!

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