Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Beginning of an Auction House Fortune

It's not much but it's a good start!

So are you tired of farming for gold? Tired of running instance after instance trying to get mats for that enchant? Or better yet here’s one for you trying to save money for that epic mount? I know how you feel; I was in the same boat. I’m going to share a little history as to why I started playing the auction house. About two months ago I was running ICC 10 with the guild that my hunter is in. It was a great night for me I got three good upgrades for my hunter. After we called the raid for the night I went into Stormwind to go buy the gems and enchants, or the mats for my enchants so I could get my friend to enchant my new gear for me. Low and behold though I got the auction house and only had 414 gold. I only had enough gold to buy some of my gems. When this occurred I thought about the shape of my hunter’s gold, and then thought that my paladin still didn’t have his epic flyer. When all of this added up I took my paladin and my hunter and cleaned out their banks and started posting auctions and scanning the auction house with auctioneer. Before I knew it I had gold coming in and it was all profit because I was selling stuff I had won in instances or stuff I had gotten from my gathering professions, there was a downside though I very quickly began to see, both my hunter and my paladin were spending all of their time in the auction house instead of doing instances. This is where I created my bank toon; in turn all of this leads to this blog to share what I’ve learned about the auction house so that hopefully I can ease your growing pains in your quest to your world of warcraft fortune.

I’ve had bank toon before this, due to my lack of attention I ended up deleting them and getting just enough gold to survive on my high level characters. This time when I created my bank toon, I decided I was going to learn how to earn gold in the auction house. I can’t lie I’ve bought gold guides before, I’ve watched videos that show these toon with 154,000 gold and collecting 30,000 more gold from the mail box from successful auctions and it all seemed great grand and wonderful but they never showed or explained the steps to take as a beginner starting from scratch. So what I did is I set out to learn the basics of the auction house and the auction house cut, percentages and ins and outs of the auction house. After I felt comfortable with what I had learned. I wanted to learn how it related to the information that auctioneer gave me. Once I learned auctioneer, I started to learn what sold on my realm. Here’s one thing I can tell you for sure every realm is different, and on the same server factions are different. For example on Thunderhorn a Flask of Endless rage goes for around 21 gold on the alliance side, on the horde side a Flask of Endless rage goes for around 24 gold. Not much of difference I know, but it’s one that you’ll want to keep in mind if you ever start toon on other server just to make more gold.

When my bank toon ran into Stormwind, she started with 300 gold seed money that I sent from paladin’s profit when he was playing the auction house. In the two months I’ve been playing the auction house I have gotten my bank toon over 7000 gold. I know that isn’t a lot there are many more toon at the gold cap. One thing I believe in is keeping my auctions fair and reasonably price. I don’t believe in charging 15 gold for a level 9 green item that just isn’t right. I’m not going to ask for your hard earned money to learn how to enhance your WoW experience. I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money as I’m sure you do as well, it has always aggravated me that people will actually pay real money to learn how to earn fake money. As I stated in my opening post, I will not promise you 1000 gold an hour or 3000 gold a day, while I think it’s possible to I won’t overprice my auctions to get there. Keep checking back here and following the steps and advice I give you will earn gold. I have a lot planned in my future posts to share what I have learned to you for free. The only thing I ask in return is that you tell your friends and fellow World of Warcraft players to stop by here and read and learn. As always feel free to leave comments and to contact me if you have something you would like answered in the form of a post.


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