Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Beginners Tips to the Auction House

I say we get this started off right. Today I’m going to give you some helpful tips to get you started earning gold. Some of the tips I’m going to give can be used regardless of if you already have a level 80 toon that can seed your bank some gold to get started or if you are a level 5 running in from your starting area. The biggest thing to keep in mind when starting a bank toon is to remember is your probably going to have to start small. While we all want to run in and find that ultra epic rare loot that sells for a billion gold and pick it up for 50 silver and resale for a billion gold and be done with it. Truth is that isn’t going to happen. So without further delays here’s my tips to begin making gold.

The auction house interface without the auctioneer add on

1) Get your addons: While addons aren’t necessary to make gold on the AH, they are very helpful in the process. My suggestion would be to use the addon Auctioneer. Auctioneer is used to scan the auction house. It tracks the prices and how many times an item has been through the auction house. When you place an item on the auction house and set your price, auctioneer will tell you what percentage your price is set at in comparison with the market price. My suggestion for a second addon would be the addon postal. Postal is an addon that changes your mailbox interface by adding a button on the bottom of interface that allows you collect the contents of your mail with just the push of a button instead of collecting each of them individually. A third suggestion if you want to track where all of your gold goes is to get one called accountant. This addon simply just tells where your gold is going and tells you if you’re are earning gold or losing gold. I have this one but very rarely look at it.

2) Get stuff to sell (for those with High Level toons):
This is where the rubber meets the road. If your serious about wanting to make some gold and have a level 80 toon(s) then go raid their banks. I found with my level 80’s that they have a lot of crap in their banks that I will probably never use. My train of thought is why keep that abyss crystal or frozen orb for future enchants. When my bank has 10,000 gold and I get a new piece of gear I’ll just buy the mats I need for those enchants. In the banks of your high levels look enchanting mats, anything you may have from your gathering professions, or things that may have gotten out while questing i.e. crystallized water. If your banks on your other toons are empty and you can afford it, send your newly created bank toon some seed money so that they can start buying stuff to resale.

A screen shot of the auction house interface with the auctioneer add on.
 2a) Get Stuff to sell (for the New players): I decided to make this a semi-separate tip   
for two reasons, it’s so aggravating to be standing in a capital city seeing someone ask for gold or that tell you always get asking to borrow gold. The second reason being for those that are yelling at your monitor, How the hell does a newb like me earn gold!!! Fear not young grasshopper I’ll teach you the way. If you’re a level and you just ran into the capital for your first time. Look in your bag you probably only have a few silver at best. However I would bet that you have some flasks of water, or maybe some food of some sort. Throw them on the auction house. I actually started a new toon on a server one time just to see if I could earn some gold, and one of the things I sold was some drinking water for like a 1 gold per item; if you have 4 of them that could possibly mean 4 gold in your pocket. If you want you can use the few silver you have in your pocket and scour the auction house to find something cheap to resale. Another suggestion is this, you’re a low level toon you don’t need that much gold right now. Run and get you’re professions make of them a gather profession i.e. mining, skinning, herbalism. As you run around and quest mine node, skin animals or pick flowers. When your bags get full run back to the capital and place all of the things you gathered from your professions on the auction house. If you haven’t picked up tailoring or first aid as a secondary profession place all of the linen cloth you have on the auction house. Once those sell you could successfully start buying and reselling stuff on the auction house.

3) Watch and Learn: As you run around and level or you are sitting in the auctions house during your scans. Watch trade chat to see what people want to buy or sale. Inspect other players gear and see what gems they are buying, look at the enchants they are putting on their gear. Learn when the guilds on your server run their raids and maybe look into buying and reselling some flasks. Doing little things like this over time you will learn what your market is and the hot sellers on your server and before you know you will be raking the gold.

The mailbox interface with the Postal addon
 4) Define your goals: This is important in the fact that you’ll have your sights set on something. For me my first goal was to earn enough money to be able to buy my paladin his epic flyer. My second long term goal was to hit the gold cap. My extreme long term goal was to have all my toons at the gold cap. While all of them will take time and effort they are all reachable, point in case I have an epic item on the house now that when it sells it’ll put me where I want to be so that I can buy my epic flyer. I’m not saying that you have to stand in town center and declare your goals out load for everyone to hear, by all mean you can if you want, and if you do please take screen shots and send them to me because I would like to see the response you get from other players.

5) Set up your schedule:
As cheesy as this sound it’s something that needs to be done. With your scans of the auction at first you’ll want to be pretty aggressive on your scans. When I first started I scanned twice a day, once in the morning before I went to work and the second before I went to bed. Both times is when I also checked my auctions. Try not to sit and watch your auctions to see if they sell. After you get home from work or school you can check your auctions and repost what may have expired, but don’t stop your regular playing just to check them. I set mine up for when I finished playing at the end of the night.

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