Thursday, September 23, 2010

What would you change in World of Warcraft?

I read an article today from where the author was asking in a nut shell “what would you do to make WoW a better place to play and enhance the gaming experience”. After reading the article I got to thinking about it as my day went on and in my free time as I got it. I know some things I would love to see in World of Warcraft, and I feel would really make game play. It could get the veteran players back into the old content and if nothing else give us something to do besides dailies.

To give a very brief history, before I played World of Warcraft, I played Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). SWG was my first MMORPG and I absolutely loved it until the developers totally trashed the game. Originally SWG had some amazing features that made the game stand out from others. The first one was houses! You could buy a house and you could even decorate it how ever you saw fit. Imagine this in World of Warcraft, you buy a house and ride out on what ever your favorite zone is and build your house. In case city living is more your style then go into your favorite capital city and rent an apartment and decorate it how ever you saw fit. For decorating it if tier gear is what floats your boat, then go into to the instances and get your older tier sets to display on your wall, or show your cunning skills by displaying the sword you used when you downed the Lich King, or when you downed an opposing faction leader. This would clear up your bank and your bags of all those BoP items you worked so hard to get and then they got replaced on your first run into ICC, and you can’t bring your self to delete them because of the work you put into getting them. 
The second feature is Shops! This is an absolute awesome feature and a great way to make gold. Now in order to do this the dynamics of the WoW professions would have to drastically change. Imagine though making a lot of weapons, armor or other crafted items and putting them on sale in your shop. I don’t think it would smash the WoW economy, if anything I think it would drop some of the outrageous prices we see on the auction house, because a new type of check and balance would be introduced into the  player based economy system. As long as you kept your prices fair and stock available you could make gold hand over fist.

The third and last feature, Points of Interest! That’s right POI’s it doesn’t sound very interesting but believe me it could be if done properly. Let me pitch the idea first, if you log onto tonight you go play your toon and low and behold it’s one of them days that when you get on you just don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t feel like questing, nor do you feel like farming, raiding, doing dailies, and pvp so you just log off and go watch TV. Imagine if you could visit some of the places that built the World of Warcraft lore. What if you could go visit the home that Thrall was hatched in, or go visit the battlefield in Blackrock Mountain where High General Turalyon defeated the orcs. The point of this is can give you something to do in your bored time, and believe it could be fun and it could help you get that explorer achievement that your dreading doing because of the amount of time running from place to place. You could have two types of POI’s, faction specific and neutral. Faction’s specific of course would deal with the lore of your faction and neutral are where you can learn the lore of neutral races and towns.

This of course is just my two cents. Unfortunately we’ll never see these things. By all means I’m not going quit play World of Warcraft because these features aren’t in the game but it gives me something to think about and how awesome it would be to see. I’ve been seeing more of these types of articles and they all seem to suggest that they would like to see more puzzles and stuff like that. While that stuff is good, I think I would like to see this game continue to change the face of MMORPG’s and keep the rest of the gaming companies on their toes because you’ll never what they will think of next. Anyways I’ll finish this rant. I hope you enjoyed the article and thank you stopping by.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Breakdown of Auctioneer

I wanted to post something today on the use of auctioneer. So this morning when I was checking my auctions I took screen shot of an item that I was getting ready to post. I decided that today we would break down the information screen that auctioneer provides and help you decipher the information. I feel that if you’re going to do something that you have to know what tools to have, as well as how to use them. Stepping into real life for just a second, I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade; I have a tool box full of tools. Everyone one of them has a set purpose and design to do what they are used for. If I didn’t know how to use them, they would just be a bunch of shaped pieces of metal that would never get used. I’m here to help teach you how to use your tools to repair your gold breakdown.
Ok stepping back into Azeroth now. When buying and selling in the auction house one has to be able to make an informed and accurate decision if they are in the game of buying and reselling. If you already have a good idea what items go for on your server than you should be good to go. With the new expansion on our heels though; it’s going to be hard at first to accurately price new items that be introduced into the game. That’s what brings me to this article today to help start making gold, and help decipher the information that auctioneer is going to throw at you when you look for items. Let’s take a look at the picture below, and start making you some gold so that you’ll be ready when cataclysm gets here.

Market Value
Looking at the picture the first thing I always look at is the market price. Looking at the item in the picture, Flask of Stoneblood. If I took one Flask of Stoneblood and posted it for it’s market price of 25 gold 60 silver and 65 copper. That item would be at 100% market value. This is useful in determining what kind of profit you can expect to make on an item when you buy it. If I’m cruising through the auction house tonight and some flasks up for 18 gold per flask, I can expect to make about 6 gold profit from that. The Market price is listed as an individual item, so when your looking at buying a stack of 20, providing you have auctioneer you can check the box down in the lower right hand corner marked “Show Stacks as per unit” to see what the seller has priced them at individually. On a side note make sure you uncheck if you’re first starting out. You may forget that you have it checked and see a stack of 20 titanium ore and think it’s only 7gold, when it’s actually 140 gold. Once you get some more gold you can be a little lenient with that, but I usually uncheck it as soon as I get done looking at an item.

Moving Price
Below market price the next things I look at is moving price and I look at the percentage that it list next to it. This kind of correlates with the market price, again the market price on Thunderhorn for a Flask of Stoneblood is 25 gold. If it reads that it is 26 gold for a moving price you know that it’s above 100%. However, I try my best to keep all of my auctions below 100%. So I would price my flasks 1 gold or so below the market price just as long as I make a profit. Above the moving price where it says undercut: and then says “cannot undercut” that is auctioneers way of telling you that it’s going to be a tough sale with these items because the market is already priced pretty low. If the Market is like this on an item, this could be a good time for you to just buy what you want or need, and just stick them in your bank as a stockpile for a later date when the market is back up. Above the moving price is simply auctioneer suggesting some pricing option depending on how you decide to stack them or unstuck them.

Taking the last part of the picture, I set up my auctioneer to show me the sales statistics of everything. I should add here that while these aren’t super important numbers to me, I do look at them, however, these numbers aren’t keys factors on weather or not I decide to buy something.  Using the numbers here you can see a picture of the market and how many of them are posted and sold through the auction house. It says that over 75 days that 6,264 Flasks of Stoneblood have come through the auction house. This tells you that there is a market for these items. I chose to display the 7 day, 3 day, and Average median buyout(MBO).  These is just old school math here, it simple tells you the average buyout of an item was over a 3 and 7 day period. Then in the last part of that it shows me average buyout for the current day and how many have sold on the auction house. As you see it says that 22 had been sold in the auction house for an average of 20 gold 48 silver 23 copper, then it suggests a minimum buy out of  20 gold even. I view these stats as optional, my brother decided to display the bare minimum on auctioneer, as where I like to see more information about the goods. My honest suggestion would be to take a look at them and see how they fit with you and decide if it is something you like.

I hope that you’ve liked this explanation of one of the many features of auctioneer. I’m going to get a lot more in depth with it. I really want show you all the correct settings and everything you need to know to be successful in the auction house. It’s going to be a drawn out process because I got work and real life to deal with, but this is something that I really want do. I haven’t been able find any sources of information like this on the auction without having to pay real money and even then I’m not sure if they provide the information I’m going to be giving out. I can say that the couple of gold guides I have gotten like an idiot just turned out to be a waste of time and money. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about this article I will certain answer them and help get you to earning the gold you want to have.  See you all in Azeroth!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's in your WoTLK!?!?

With the WoTLK winding and down, and a lot of the level 80’s are gearing up for the new expansion as best they can. The game is beginning to get that Christmas Eve atmosphere feel to it. Looking at trade chat you see a lot of debate going on about cataclysm, in the random musings of when it’s going to be released and the mechanics of the game. What classes will be good and which classes are being whacked with a giant nerf bat. Today’s post came at the suggestion of member at this forum I visit. I’m going to explore how good and bad the Wrath of the Lich Kings has been to me and my toons. I was so stoked when I first saw the teaser trailer for the Lich King. I couldn’t wait to get out in the world and level my hunter. For the first time I was already a high level when the expansion came out. I started playing about a year and a half before TBC came out so I was playing catch up because I level my toons really slow. On the day of release after I got off work I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought my copy; came straight home and installed it. I remember that once it was patched and ready to go, The boats we full of level 70’s heading over to Northrend to start waging war against the Lich King and his armies, the attitude was just ecstatic. People were hooting and hollering and calling out the Lich King how they were going to personally beat him down.

As time progressed and I got my hunter to level 80 I was ready to take Naxx down, but couldn’t because I didn’t know anyone that was a raider. Basically being stuck in limbo until I finally met some people and we were geared up enough to start raiding in naxx. In that amount of down time I learned more about my hunter than I ever had before. I finally understood what to look for in gear, and what I wanted to gem into. I had truly learned two play my toon. I also learned the big lesson of how expensive running raids can really be. I was in a guild with my two brothers and some other friends and we could not get past Anub’ReKahn in naxx. For 4 weeks straight we ran into naxx as a group of in experienced raiders without a clue and for 4 weeks straight Anub would spit us back out into the graveyard and we would run back in and do that dance all over again, for hours we would get a virtual beat down from a bad ass bug that needed a serious attitude adjustment. The night we finally downed him the Vent server sounded like mission control at NASA when they got through that hairy situation and got the pilots home safe. As the saying goes though all good things must come to an end, and they did. Overtime they all went to different guilds because they wanted to do the bigger raids and get better gear. With this happening I got on my stubborn streak and stayed in my guild and basically quit raiding, and started power leveling my paladin.

My paladin’s soul purpose in his life was to torture the horde. I power leveled him as fast as I could just so I could take him into the battle grounds, and into the arena. I got lucky with the fact that my oldest brother was leveling a paladin as well. So when we both hit level 80 we went into the battleground and ran out of the gate like a bat out of hell right into the blades of another paladin and a warrior that knew their toons a lot better than we knew ours. Within a few seconds we found ourselves in the graveyard in Warsong Gulch waiting for the rez. Luckily as time went on my paladin got better gear and weapons and I managed to get my resilience up around 1000 and my brother’s resilience was around 800. Thinking we were ten feet tall and bullet proof we started a 2v2 arena team and went into the arena. Thinking we were going to totally pwn the knobs on the other side we charged out of the gates hell bent for election right into a very good death knight and very talented rogue. Still to this day I don’t think that time can measured at how fast that match ended. My brother and I had to rethink our strategy in the arena. The best part is we still don’t have a good strategy and still suck at the arena. After all as long as you have fun that’s all the matters right?

With my paladin I figured out that I hate frost mages. I have affectionately dubbed the spec the 30 dollar spec. I was in Arathi Basin one day; I was going to town on some horde, I was killing them and they were killing me right back. It was a battle of epic proportions. Then I ran into my frost mage. This mage was good, he would freeze, and bounce, freeze, blink, bounce, bounce, and I would be dead. I was getting pissed at this paper tank that was just beating me down relentlessly. I play with a wireless mouse, the last time I ever faced this mage, my mouse got stuck on stupid and wouldn’t register any of my inputs, and no the batteries weren’t dead. He did his stupid little bounce, blink and freeze thing, I was trying desperately to get him and just couldn’t. I was ticked off at him and I was ticked off at my mouse. So I did what any other bull in a china closet would do I slammed my mouse on my desk and let out a string of words that would get my mouth washed with soap. Did you know that when a wireless mouse goes from mach 1 to a full stop on the top of a computer desk in less then a second that it will explode? My mouse exploded, the sides of it blew shot landed on the floor, the buttons went to where the sides used to be, and it was horrible I tell you. Needless to say I got to go to Wal-Mart and get me a new mouse and my PvP was over for the day. On a side note I have to admit that I still haven’t lived that one down either, I still catch flak for that one from the friend I was PvP’ing with that day.

Wrapping this up; I can honestly say that I’ve had a blast in WoTLK. I’m just now starting to learn the auction house, and plan on carrying it on into cataclysm. I’ve gotten to know my hunter far better than I ever thought possible. My paladin has issues with mages still. I’ve learned a lot about him but still have a good ways to go with him to get him where I truly want him to be. I’ve made some real nice friends and we all have some great times to sit and talk about when we are bored and feel like talking. It’s hard to believe sometimes that a game can produce such great memories, but it can and it has. I can say that it has been a great ride in this expansion. Touching just the tip of the ice berg on my memories here, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see what cataclysm holds in store and what type of memories I will be left with when the expansion after cataclysm comes out. Reflect on your time in Northrend, and sharpen your grinding skills for the fight back in Azeroth, and if you’d like I’d like to hear what’s in your WoTLK!

See you in Azeroth!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Value of Junk

Today I’m going to write about something that I’ve seen a lot of people doing while they are out and about creating their own personal war in the world of Azeroth. As a leather worker/skinner, it’s a habit that when I see the corpse of a skinnable creature laying on the ground to check and see if I can skin it. The disturbing thing though is I see a lot of people that don’t loot their kills, most of the time because they probably contain grey items that don’t matter. While grey items don’t matter in the long run and you’re not going to one shot the lich king with that grey sword that dropped off of that welp in Icecrown. I’m going to show how a simple expedition can reap the benefits of some gold in your pockets.

To give a little in sight into how this article came about. While I was typing last night’s articleAuction House Strategies , My brother was on his hunter, which happens to be a 450 leather worker, he has some ICC patterns and he wants to build one of the patterns to sell on the auction house to make in some decent gold for his bank toon. With that being said  he set out into Northrend to collect the mats he needed so that he wouldn’t have to pay the ridiculous prices that someone was charging on the auction house. While he was out in the world he made the comment to me “I wonder how many people don’t know the value of their junk”? Low and behold a light bulb came on and that’s when the idea for this article was born. I asked him to take some screen shots of his grey items and what they sell for, and send them to me so that I could use them for today’s article.

Happily he obliged and this morning I woke up to 16 screenshots and a typed up list telling me what he sold and what he made just by selling his grey items. Getting to the point for you he made 25 gold for less than an hour of play time and he made it all on grey items that he picked up before skinning his kills. That gold was after he repaired and everything else; and it doesn’t include the items that he got that he can sell on his bank toon. The number one lesson here is that “a mobs junk can be your treasure” you just have to take the time to loot those mobs you kill. I’m going to show a progression of pictures throughout this article that he sent me to show how these grey items can lead to gold. The way I think of it is that if you don’t have or know an alchemist but you’re a raider, with 25 gold you could probably but flask for that raid your signed up to go on.  
Looking at the picture above of the single acid drenched fang, it shows that one fang is worth 24 silver 75 copper. If you got five of them you have got one gold for free just by running into a vendors store and selling it.  He ended up selling 9 fangs for 2 gold 22 silver and some copper. I used that simple example to show you that while you’re out and about doing your thing that those grey items you pick up can pay off for you. Below I’m also going to include the list that he sent me to show you what all he sold and what he made in his adventure into Northrend. For all of those that are saying that sucks to run into a shop and click every one of those items to sell it to a vendor. There is an add on called I believe “crap away” that with the click of a  single button all the grey items in your bags will be gone and you run out to your next adventure with a little more gold then you started with. I hope you enjoyed this article and will show your friends and guild mates how easy it can be to make some extra gold. As always please ask any questions you may have. Please encourage your friends and guild mates to come visit and please come back for some more reading.

My Brothers List of Goods

starting gold amount
673g 96s 73c

Amount after selling junk
698g 55s 30c

Amount earned from selling junk
25g 55s 30c

73 - Frosted Claws
47 - Icy Spinnerets
9 - Acid Drenched Fangs
10 - Icicle Fangs
3 - fur Cloth Scraps
1 - Thick Fur Clothing Scrap
24 Drakkari Offerings
1 - Frost-Rimmed Cloth Gloves
1 - Frost-Worn Chestpiece
1 - Frost Rimmed Cloth Vest
1 - Frigid Mail Boot

Happy Hunting!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Auction House Strategies Made Easy.

Today was a good day for me in the auction house. My bank has officially broken 10k now, WooT!! When I found out this morning that I had broken my biggest goal yet. I started formulating this post for today. I haven’t made the gold as fast as other people, and I’m sure there are millions of others out there with a lot more gold than my measly little 10,000 gold, but by gosh this is a crowning achievement for me. I must admit that I’ve been in a semi-downtime in my play time, by mainly focusing on the house, so everything I’ve made has been almost strictly from buying and reselling stuff in the auction house. Today I’m going to provide some of the strategies I employed and still continue to employ in my auction house journey. Here they are.

Strategy 1: Get Auctioneer Current in Scans

With the reading I did before I started making gold with the auction house. The number one thing I read was make sure that auction house is up to date and current on its scans. In the past the only thing that stopped this from happening was my own laziness. I had always heard that auctioneer was a powerful tool, and I’ll stand before anyone out right now and say “yep they were right”. It is a powerful tool when used correctly. Just by installing doesn’t mean that gold is going to start flowing into my pockets. My suggestion for auctioneer is this; if you don’t have it, get it and start using. If you do have it and haven’t been using it, get it up to date and start using it. When I started this venture my auctioneer was out of date, so I started scanning the auction house twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before I went to bed. I did this for about two weeks straight. This is a great way to get auctioneer current, and my suggestion would be to check the shut down feature in the auctioneer settings, and start your scans before you leave for school/work and again before you go to bed. With this feature activated you will be logged out of WoW when you get done scanning the auction house. If you have already tinkered with the auction house without using auctioneer you'll probably be shocked at the difference it'll make in you making gold.

Strategy 2: Set your Limits
If you read my first posts you’ll remember me saying that when I started my bank toon that I started with 300 gold seed money from my paladin. Once I had my first scan out of the way, I started targeting items that marked at 70% or lower. I did this because I knew that I could mark them up and still make a profit and not go over 100%. That was my limit that I set for myself, I still make sure and I try my hardest not to go over 100%, if you feel comfortable going over 100% then knock yourself out, but that is something that you have to decide for yourself. At first when I would buy stuff to resale there was a lot of times that I had only a few silver to my name when I got done buying and posting my auctions. I did this time after time until I reached about 1000 gold and then I would set my limit for the day. I would sit down and say to myself that I wasn’t going to drop below 300 gold, and as I would get closer to my limit I would start wrapping up my auctions and post them. Then it was just simply a matter of sitting back and waiting for things to sell.

Strategy 3: Learn What Sells
I experimented with my server. The one thing I did is I focused on things that come out of Northrend, more over I targeted trade goods, items that are used in the professions/ On Thunderhorn I learned that all the elemental items sold pretty good. So I made sure that when I scoured the auction house I would look for elemental shadow, fire, life, and air, I tired elemental water but didn’t have that good of luck with it. I made sure that I looked for frostweave cloth, titanium ore, and as I started to earn more gold I starting looking at the flasks to sell for the raiders. You can use flasks two fold one of course is earning gold to line your pocks with; and the second is you can learn it to see when the majority of the guilds on your server run their raids. I found with my server they primarily run on Thursday nights. I can tell this because come Friday morning I very rarely have any flasks that didn’t sell. My tips for Flasks is when you find out what nights the guilds on your server raid use the days before raid night to build up a stock pile of various flasks so starting the day before raid night you post your stockpile and start earning gold. The reason why is on raid night the flasks are going to be marked up by other sellers. If you bought your goods cheap before raid night you can match or undercut their auctions and still make gold. On a side note also experiment with your stack size and see which stack sizes sell the quickest. Example is I have a toon on the server Zul’Jin that I’m using to teach this guy I know how to earn gold in the auction house. Well one night I had bought these eternal shadows in the stacks of 20, I had two stacks of 20 if I’m not mistaken. I went like 4 days without these things selling. So I tried a new approach and broke them into stacks of 5 and sold every one of them before the night was through. Since that experiment it’s very rare that I don’t have Eternal Shadows sell on that server since I started varying my stack size.  The biggest thing I can suggest here is that you watch the people on your server and see what they want. Once you find out what they want get it and sell it to the, for what they are willing to pay.

Strategy 4: Stick with it and learn.

No matter how bad it gets stick with it, don’t give up on yourself. There are going to be days where you don’t sell crap, and sometimes maybe even a few days. There were a couple of times I was worried I was going to open my mailbox and see a bill because I owed someone gold because I wasn’t making any gold in the auction house. Regardless of how rough it gets just stay with and repost them auctions and they will sell. It may take them awhile but it will sell.  Over all the biggest thing you want to make sure of is that if you buy 300 gold worth of auctions that when those items sell and you collect your money that you collect more than 300 gold, even if you collect 301 gold it’s still 1 gold more than you had when you started.

Above are the four biggest strategies that I used to make gold on the auction. Every gold I make I get closer to the gold cap and being able to get my toons what and where I want them to be so that my gaming experience in Azeroth will be more pleasurable. Please try these out and let me know how they work for you and feel free to ask any questions you may have about your auction house woes. I am willing to help in almost any way I can so that you making gold may be a little less hectic as my experience has been. As well please tell your friends and guild mates about me, come back often.

Get to Sellin!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Spammers have Evolved!

Be on the look out for a new type of spammer. That’s right they have moved from just selling gold and power leveling your toon, now they are selling in game items. If you take a look at the picture I posted. You can now buy primordial saronite in a stack of 10 for only $16.99, and if you’re not in the market for primordial saronite, how about buying a mecko-hog, that’s right a mecko-hog for only $50.00. We’ll even take this one step farther, PoS not cooperating with you in your attempts of obtaining the Battered Hilt, no worries they can get it for you for only $50.00 of your hard earned money. Of course they are still selling gold for only $33.99 you can get 10,000 gold.

I had been seeing these in trade chat and to be honest just haven’t paid attention to them until this morning when I was checking my auctions. I assume that there are people out there that are willing spend their money on these items because they must have an abundance of it, or they are just to lazy to get out there and get the items they need to get what they want. Personally I would rather put the work in and get it honestly. I often wondered if these people selling these items; are selling them from accounts they have hacked. If that’s the case then shame on them and shame on the people who support them. I’ve seen the after math of a hacked account, my brother’s account was hacked they raped his toons, and his guild’s bank. They took everything off of his toon and left him with 1 copper. As if in an act of generosity so he couldn’t say they took everything he’d been working on in the six years of playing WoW.

For the most part I love WoW. I’ve been playing it for quite some time now. When I play I try not to talk about real life issues because I play this to get away from real life issues. If  I’ve had a bad day at work I like coming home and going into the battle grounds and beating on toons from the other factions. I like spending my free time in the auction house earning gold for my toons, and I like going into raids when I can. I hate gold beggars, I hate the immaturity you see in the game, I hate people that camp the grave yards in the BG’s and I despise those that spam trade chat selling stuff.  I understand this is a game and that we have a full array of people that come on here 24 hours a day. I don’t judge the people that spend their real money on these things, but they are violating the EULA and they are also messing up the in game economy. Well that’s my two cents on this subject, for those of us that hate seeing this stuff it looks like we have a new form of annoyance in the making, and a new form of entertainment by reporting the spam.

Revdun out

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Closer Look at Zalarane's Fall

Spirit of the Tiger

In the name of science and for the personal need of wanting to provide accurate information for both factions Today, I got onto my Horde level 40 Warlock and did what I could of the Zalazane’s fall quest chain. For all my hordies out’s there, your call to arms has been issued, stand up and unite with your big eared blue brethren of the desert and help return echo isle into the hands of its rightful owners. The quest chain of course starts at the mail box with the delivery of a letter asking for your help in retaking Echo Isle’s. I’m sure these quests scale in pay for all you level 80’s out there just as it did for my level 80 on the Alliance side. For my level 40 I was 50 silver, and 4350 experience for completing each quest. After receiving the letters it instructs you to travel down to Sin’ Jen village; when you first get there and report in. The first quest is to capture five frogs to be turned into spies for the troll nation. It’s really easy you just ride around in Sin’Jen and right click on a frog to capture it. After turning the frogs in your given an excellent quest, you have to ride a bat and toss these little frogs out at these little smoke plums so that they can start spying. One thing I give the horde is that they have some excellent quests.

After doing some toad tossing, and you get back Sin’Jen to turn that in. You’re turned into a tiger spirit thing that looks a lot like the bad guy from the movie Kung Fu Panda. You then run across the pond to echo isle. I’m glad that blizzard had enough sense to make it to where you ran across the water instead of swimming over. Once in echo isle you have to lay the smack down on a Tiger Matriarch, it’s an elite beast but to be honest I didn’t even look at the level. You don’t kill the tiger all way, you just beat it down until changes into a troll druid and tell you what it’s all about. After that you have to swim back and turn in the quest. Your next quest is to do dance with the spirits. Someone else was on this quest when I did it, so I’m not if just standing there gives you credit for it or if you have to /dance with the big spirit in the middle. Either way it’s at this point where as a level 74 or below that your quest chain ends, level 75 and up go on and finish with big battle. I wish I had a horde level 80 that I could finish this quest and give better information that what I have given

Overall this quest chain isn’t bad, it’s easy just as Operation:Gnomeregan was. I’m almost willing to bet my brothers left leg that this quest probably leads to a big battle like Gnomeregan does. How many more quests lead to it after the unfortunately I’m not sure of. I have to say though that change is in the air in the world of Azeroth. Earthquakes are becoming more frequent and before long we’ll be flying into our capitals on our own mounts and I can’t wait. I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave comments and contact me if you have any questions, also bring your friends and guild mates to Warcraft Action.

For The Horde!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Gnomeregan and Operation Echo Isle has begun!!!

The Fight are the beginning entrance of Gnomeregan.  .
It has begun! Ruck up all of you half-pint ankle shanker supporters. Our call to arms has been sent and received by all. Operation Gnomeregan has kicked off.  Your objective brings Gnomeregan back into the hands of its rightful owners. Led by High Tinker Mekkatorque you’re charged with supporting the beginning of the assault on Gnomeregan. It gives decent gold at level 80 ranging; anywhere from 6 gold 63 silver and up to 13 gold 23 silver throughout the quest chain. It starts reporting to High Tinker Mekkatorque in Tinkertown in Ironforge. Your first quest has you recruit 5 brave souls to help support the cause. This is easily done in Tinkertown by selecting a gnome citizen and using the motivate-a-tron to recruit the citizen after doing this 5 times you run them over to Steelgrill depot and hand them over to the Gnomish army.  I should note that when running your little ankle biters to Steelgrill that you can use your mount, and they will appear on a mount behind you and follow you to steelgrill.

Once in Steelgrill it’s super easy quests. You report to Captain Tread Sparknozzle to carry on with the rest of the quests. The quests are really simple, and self explanatory. Think of it as running around to gather up gold. On one of the quests you’ll go to a drill instructor and he’ll issue some orders all you do is /salute, /roar, /cheer, and /dance the only thing here is just wait until he tells you do them because if you do them before he tells you, you won’t receive credit for it. Another quest takes you for a helicopter ride. On your ride it will take you near Gnomer where you have to throw some radiation detectors into the vents on the side of the mountains. While doing this you can press the little icon it gives next to quest helper information or you can right click the radiation detector in your bag to get the target reticle and just put the reticle over the vent as you fly by throw it in and it’s easy as that.

Lastly when you go to finish the quest chain it ends in a big battle outside as well as inside the entrance tunnels of Gnomer. After you finish the quest chain in Steelgrill you’ll get a quest to deliver a speech to Mekkatorque. Here you’ll fly in a helicopter over to the airfield. When you land here if Mekkatorque isn’t there, that means the battle is on going. If its on going you can just wait near where you landed and wait for Mekkatorque to finish up fighting and when he appears you talk to him and just turn your quest in and wait for the battle to begin. If he is there when you land you can go straight to turning your quest in and waiting for the battle to begin. It will tell you near the top of your screen how long it will be before the battle begins. Once the battle begins my suggestion is following the king from place to place until it ends. The reason I say this is if you do get separated you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting killed because there is some pretty tough elites running around near Gnomer now. After all is said and done it take you back to Ironforge where you turn in your quest and get your achievement.

I only posted the Alliance because that’s the faction I play, however, I’m trying to use my head for more than a hat rack and though of all you hordies out there. You can go here Operation Echo Isle quest chain. and read up on the quest chain for the Horde side in Echo Isle. As always thank you for reading and please do come back with your friends and guild mates and leave comments if you have anything to say. Enjoy taking Gnomeregan and Echo Isle

For Gnomer!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Beginners Tips to the Auction House

I say we get this started off right. Today I’m going to give you some helpful tips to get you started earning gold. Some of the tips I’m going to give can be used regardless of if you already have a level 80 toon that can seed your bank some gold to get started or if you are a level 5 running in from your starting area. The biggest thing to keep in mind when starting a bank toon is to remember is your probably going to have to start small. While we all want to run in and find that ultra epic rare loot that sells for a billion gold and pick it up for 50 silver and resale for a billion gold and be done with it. Truth is that isn’t going to happen. So without further delays here’s my tips to begin making gold.

The auction house interface without the auctioneer add on

1) Get your addons: While addons aren’t necessary to make gold on the AH, they are very helpful in the process. My suggestion would be to use the addon Auctioneer. Auctioneer is used to scan the auction house. It tracks the prices and how many times an item has been through the auction house. When you place an item on the auction house and set your price, auctioneer will tell you what percentage your price is set at in comparison with the market price. My suggestion for a second addon would be the addon postal. Postal is an addon that changes your mailbox interface by adding a button on the bottom of interface that allows you collect the contents of your mail with just the push of a button instead of collecting each of them individually. A third suggestion if you want to track where all of your gold goes is to get one called accountant. This addon simply just tells where your gold is going and tells you if you’re are earning gold or losing gold. I have this one but very rarely look at it.

2) Get stuff to sell (for those with High Level toons):
This is where the rubber meets the road. If your serious about wanting to make some gold and have a level 80 toon(s) then go raid their banks. I found with my level 80’s that they have a lot of crap in their banks that I will probably never use. My train of thought is why keep that abyss crystal or frozen orb for future enchants. When my bank has 10,000 gold and I get a new piece of gear I’ll just buy the mats I need for those enchants. In the banks of your high levels look enchanting mats, anything you may have from your gathering professions, or things that may have gotten out while questing i.e. crystallized water. If your banks on your other toons are empty and you can afford it, send your newly created bank toon some seed money so that they can start buying stuff to resale.

A screen shot of the auction house interface with the auctioneer add on.
 2a) Get Stuff to sell (for the New players): I decided to make this a semi-separate tip   
for two reasons, it’s so aggravating to be standing in a capital city seeing someone ask for gold or that tell you always get asking to borrow gold. The second reason being for those that are yelling at your monitor, How the hell does a newb like me earn gold!!! Fear not young grasshopper I’ll teach you the way. If you’re a level and you just ran into the capital for your first time. Look in your bag you probably only have a few silver at best. However I would bet that you have some flasks of water, or maybe some food of some sort. Throw them on the auction house. I actually started a new toon on a server one time just to see if I could earn some gold, and one of the things I sold was some drinking water for like a 1 gold per item; if you have 4 of them that could possibly mean 4 gold in your pocket. If you want you can use the few silver you have in your pocket and scour the auction house to find something cheap to resale. Another suggestion is this, you’re a low level toon you don’t need that much gold right now. Run and get you’re professions make of them a gather profession i.e. mining, skinning, herbalism. As you run around and quest mine node, skin animals or pick flowers. When your bags get full run back to the capital and place all of the things you gathered from your professions on the auction house. If you haven’t picked up tailoring or first aid as a secondary profession place all of the linen cloth you have on the auction house. Once those sell you could successfully start buying and reselling stuff on the auction house.

3) Watch and Learn: As you run around and level or you are sitting in the auctions house during your scans. Watch trade chat to see what people want to buy or sale. Inspect other players gear and see what gems they are buying, look at the enchants they are putting on their gear. Learn when the guilds on your server run their raids and maybe look into buying and reselling some flasks. Doing little things like this over time you will learn what your market is and the hot sellers on your server and before you know you will be raking the gold.

The mailbox interface with the Postal addon
 4) Define your goals: This is important in the fact that you’ll have your sights set on something. For me my first goal was to earn enough money to be able to buy my paladin his epic flyer. My second long term goal was to hit the gold cap. My extreme long term goal was to have all my toons at the gold cap. While all of them will take time and effort they are all reachable, point in case I have an epic item on the house now that when it sells it’ll put me where I want to be so that I can buy my epic flyer. I’m not saying that you have to stand in town center and declare your goals out load for everyone to hear, by all mean you can if you want, and if you do please take screen shots and send them to me because I would like to see the response you get from other players.

5) Set up your schedule:
As cheesy as this sound it’s something that needs to be done. With your scans of the auction at first you’ll want to be pretty aggressive on your scans. When I first started I scanned twice a day, once in the morning before I went to work and the second before I went to bed. Both times is when I also checked my auctions. Try not to sit and watch your auctions to see if they sell. After you get home from work or school you can check your auctions and repost what may have expired, but don’t stop your regular playing just to check them. I set mine up for when I finished playing at the end of the night.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Beginning of an Auction House Fortune

It's not much but it's a good start!

So are you tired of farming for gold? Tired of running instance after instance trying to get mats for that enchant? Or better yet here’s one for you trying to save money for that epic mount? I know how you feel; I was in the same boat. I’m going to share a little history as to why I started playing the auction house. About two months ago I was running ICC 10 with the guild that my hunter is in. It was a great night for me I got three good upgrades for my hunter. After we called the raid for the night I went into Stormwind to go buy the gems and enchants, or the mats for my enchants so I could get my friend to enchant my new gear for me. Low and behold though I got the auction house and only had 414 gold. I only had enough gold to buy some of my gems. When this occurred I thought about the shape of my hunter’s gold, and then thought that my paladin still didn’t have his epic flyer. When all of this added up I took my paladin and my hunter and cleaned out their banks and started posting auctions and scanning the auction house with auctioneer. Before I knew it I had gold coming in and it was all profit because I was selling stuff I had won in instances or stuff I had gotten from my gathering professions, there was a downside though I very quickly began to see, both my hunter and my paladin were spending all of their time in the auction house instead of doing instances. This is where I created my bank toon; in turn all of this leads to this blog to share what I’ve learned about the auction house so that hopefully I can ease your growing pains in your quest to your world of warcraft fortune.

I’ve had bank toon before this, due to my lack of attention I ended up deleting them and getting just enough gold to survive on my high level characters. This time when I created my bank toon, I decided I was going to learn how to earn gold in the auction house. I can’t lie I’ve bought gold guides before, I’ve watched videos that show these toon with 154,000 gold and collecting 30,000 more gold from the mail box from successful auctions and it all seemed great grand and wonderful but they never showed or explained the steps to take as a beginner starting from scratch. So what I did is I set out to learn the basics of the auction house and the auction house cut, percentages and ins and outs of the auction house. After I felt comfortable with what I had learned. I wanted to learn how it related to the information that auctioneer gave me. Once I learned auctioneer, I started to learn what sold on my realm. Here’s one thing I can tell you for sure every realm is different, and on the same server factions are different. For example on Thunderhorn a Flask of Endless rage goes for around 21 gold on the alliance side, on the horde side a Flask of Endless rage goes for around 24 gold. Not much of difference I know, but it’s one that you’ll want to keep in mind if you ever start toon on other server just to make more gold.

When my bank toon ran into Stormwind, she started with 300 gold seed money that I sent from paladin’s profit when he was playing the auction house. In the two months I’ve been playing the auction house I have gotten my bank toon over 7000 gold. I know that isn’t a lot there are many more toon at the gold cap. One thing I believe in is keeping my auctions fair and reasonably price. I don’t believe in charging 15 gold for a level 9 green item that just isn’t right. I’m not going to ask for your hard earned money to learn how to enhance your WoW experience. I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money as I’m sure you do as well, it has always aggravated me that people will actually pay real money to learn how to earn fake money. As I stated in my opening post, I will not promise you 1000 gold an hour or 3000 gold a day, while I think it’s possible to I won’t overprice my auctions to get there. Keep checking back here and following the steps and advice I give you will earn gold. I have a lot planned in my future posts to share what I have learned to you for free. The only thing I ask in return is that you tell your friends and fellow World of Warcraft players to stop by here and read and learn. As always feel free to leave comments and to contact me if you have something you would like answered in the form of a post.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Warcraft Action!

This is my Hunter, Level 80, Revdun
Welcome to Warcraft Action. This site is dedicated to help other players of World of Warcraft in their venture into Azeroth. I do play World of Warcraft, I'm the Thunderhorn server. I have been playing for almost six years now. I originally started on Hellscream then transferred over to Thunderhorn so that my older brother and I could play on the same server. My two Primary toons are a lvl 80 hunter and a lvl 80 Pally, I'm also in the process of grinding a warrior and rogue as well, I will post pictures of them as well.

 Onto the purpose of the blog. I'm going to cover a lot of subjects in the blog, the main is going to be the Auction House. My goal is to help you make gold so that you don't have to worry about money while you play. I will make no promises of 1000g/hour or anything like that. While that may be completely possible the only way I've found that to be possible is to severly over price your stuff and I don't believe in doing that. My other issue is all the other "guides" out there want to charge an arm and a leg for and I can't see paying hard earned real money to learn how to make fake money. I will also cover other things in the lines of raiding, pvp, arena, battlegrounds, specs and other world of warcraft related stuff.

This is my Pally Lvl 80, Tayell
 I do hope that you find your stay here enjoyable and recommend your friends to come here as well. Please contact me or leave a comment if you have something that you would like to see covered here in Warcraft Action and if I know enough about I'll see what kind stuff I can write up on it and post it for others to read about.